Ah, The ‘F’ Word (No, Not That One)

Failure, the opposite of the “s” word (no, not that one). It comes and goes, bringing you down when you least expect it, complicating your overly drawn-out workday. The only way to overcome this psychologically harmful concept is to free yourself from the fear of failure.

We all fail every day, even when these shortcomings are on a smaller scale. Wake up late for work? That’s a failure. Forget to iron your dress shirt? That’s a failure. Didn’t take into account morning traffic before driving your children to school? That’s a failure.

What’s important is that we learn from our failures, instead of dwelling on them, allowing us to become stronger, both mentally and physically. Failing encourages us to push for a better tomorrow, and, in return, giving us what we need to thrive and work toward more successes.


Don’t Fret About Your Google Chromebook

I recently made the decision to purchase an ASUS C300MA Chromebook for work — even though I really wanted a MacBook Air. To be honest, I made the decision based purely on price. But then I realized there was something more to it than that.

I understood my needs. I purchased the Google Chromebook because it enables me to continue what I’ve been doing — make money. The majority of my income comes from writing, editing stories for several brands — so instead of going with what I wanted, I took a look at what I needed  — and it’s paying off.

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